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Champions of Musicfestival!!!

The children of Heros are real heroes! They have won a music Competition on regional level:

The Sun will rise (Poem by Headteacher Mr. Austin Ouko)

THE SUN WILL RISE Poem by  Mr. Ouko (Headteacher Heros AIC Academy Shanzu)

The wind blows strong
The night is so long
And the cricket sing sad song
Friends, it won’t be long
For the sun will rise

You are discouraged
And feel disadvantaged
Stand and be encouraged
For you will not be aged
Before the sun gets to rise

Not a meal a day
The boss can’t pay
The devils say nay
Grey clouds cover its ray
Oh! yes, it will rise

Nothing lasts for eternity
The worst will turn to prosperity
The childless will enjoy maternity
Darkness cant last for eternity
For the sun will rise



THE REFUGEE by Mr. Austin Ouko,Headteacher 2015 at Heros Shanzu (1 Click, you see the video)

Pushed here to there
From place to place
Weariness and sorrow line her face
No home in which to lay her head
Only dark memories of violence
From which shes fled
To seek sanctuary from guns
Fear and bright blood shed
Shes all alone
Her husband and her loved ones dead
No future work and little hope
Only charity enables her to cope
While small children cling to her and cry
She droops her head and longs to die
She is far from the land that gave her birth
Dying shell lie in alien earth

and at 20th June 2014 on local level with positions 1, 2 and 3!!

Get some impressions:



The Kindergarten - Child Andrew Wafula has died at 10th June 2014:

The annual report from 2013 is published: Jahresbericht 2013 (in german)

The annual report is pubished (in german): Jahresbericht 2012  ttthhere you can read an overview about all projects for example with already existing charity organisations, e. g. Kinderhilfe-Afghanistan German aid for children in afghanistan and also own small effective charity projects, the school Heros Academy on the compound of the African Inland Church (A.I.C.) in Shanzu 50 km in the north of Mombasa. See more here: Grundschule in Shanzu (A.I.C. Heros Academy).

We need your money for 11 children at the school in Shanzu. 

15 € per month for a child of poor children! Than the pupil can go to school and get food every morning and every noon a warm meal.Pupil Passion is happy to eat with a spoon

ail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enSehen Sie auch ein Video der Arbeit von Familie Er