Humanitas activa e. V.

Cooperation Heros A.I.C. ends

The cooperation with the Heros AIC Academy in Shanzu ended on 31.12.2016 (after 5 years) by resolution of the Annual General Meeting of 24.06.2016. This is due to the lack of transparency on the use of donations and the lack of evidence of sponsored children. In addition: 1,400 € were misappropriated by Pastor Songok to a corrupt architect who was charged by him with the planning of the vocational school. Therefore, the planned vocational school will never been built on the compound of the church in Shanzu.

Pastor Songok has also opened a court case at 14th February 2017, because he wants to keep all the items intended for the planned vocational school (solar modules, laptops, cabinets, tables, even 25 toilet brushes) stored in the container and in the church. Elsewhere these things are needed urgently (in Uganda in other projects). Since all kindness attempts and personal talks with Pastor Songok and Ulrich Meyer-Berhorn (Chairman Humanitas activa) remained unsuccessful, the members of board of Humanitas activa decided a court clarification. We authorized a lawyer.

So we say BYE BYE to all staff members of Heros AIC Academy Shanzu and wish all a great future.

Staff at Hero AIC Academy Shanzu / Kenia

You see from left to right the following persons:

1st row: Joel Mbuvi (Chief Cook), Dominic Machwenu MasindeIsaack Mwatu Munyanga, Isaack Musau, Laurance Wafula Wanyonyi, Daudi Sulubu Tsuma (Computer Teacher)

2nd row in the middle: Jerom Keith Stephen, Esther Kimende, Ruth N Neleva, Norah Katunge Musau, Rose Kiamba, Rozette Atieno Nandwa

3rd row in the background: Irene Mwende Makenzi, James  Kiilu  Musyoka, Martha sidi Kazungu, Elijah Kazungu Ngua, Mary Syokau Mwadomu, Samuel Kwemoi Mengich, Lilian Mbula Samson, Rispah Kogo (Secretary), Jared Onsongo Monari, John  Kiptoo Yator (Headteacher), Hilder Mwende Mtune, Valentina Walowe Mwadime

The photo is dated on 01.03.2016.