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IT-Workshop with UJUZI, Malaa and Shangilia

From 7th to the 10th January 2019 an IT-Workshop took place in Nairobi at Shangilia for Directors, Teachers and Students form Shangilia, Malaa (Promoting Africa) and UJUZI in Ukunda, promoted by Humanitas activa.

The advantages of Linux and the learning content (180 GBytes in Englisch and Swahili) of were presented by Ulrich Meyer-Berhorn. Programming for Sensors using different Interfaces (for Humidity or Solar Systems) were presented by Kerstin Schulte and Frank Reimers. The Highlight was Jakob Holleczek, presenting different tipps and tricks around googlemail and collaboration tools like Google Drive and Hangouts for Tele-Conferences.

Oscar Andega, Director of UJUZI Institute, founded a Collaboration Group for Sharing Files and Knowlegde as well as a simple WhatsUp-Group for quick information circulation.

Working together with new collaboration tools

The UJUZI na UFUNDI Vocational Training Institute has a new Website: